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about me

Passionate About Helping Others

I am a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience with many years in San Francisco. My approach to psychotherapy is referred to as psychoanalytic or insight-oriented therapy. More information.

The evolution of my practice/philosophy

I am committed to providing a confidential and supportive setting in which we can work on easing suffering and moving towards a whole and healthy self.

During my time as a psychotherapist, I have treated many people who are grappling with a variety of acute and chronic issues.  From the inability to take initiative, to discomfort with intimacy or commitment, to feelings of isolation and disconnection.


I have helped people put words to feelings and become more fully aware of their emotional life.  Fostering this connection to one’s self, through the relationship in therapy, frees people from the internal constraints that cause suffering and hold them back from leading more satisfying lives.  

  • Graduate Analyst: San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

  • Ph.D. Psychology: Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

  • Masters of Science, Psychology: Pacific Graduate School of Psychology

  • Bachelor of Arts: New York University

  • California College of Art Counseling Services, Oakland/San Francisco

  • University of California San Francisco/Mount Zion, Dept of Psychiatry

  • Westside Crisis & Outpatient Clinic, San Francisco

  • Veterans Medical Center, inpatient psychiatric ward, Palo Alto

  • The Kurt & Barbara Gronowski Clinic, Palo Alto

  • Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Center of San Mateo County

  • St. Vincent's Hospital & Medical Ctr, Rape Crisis Counseling, New York

  • Bellevue Hospital, New York

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